Working Mechanism and Performance of Compressive Crusher

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Since middle and post 20th centuries, the crusher working mechanism and working performance has been deeply studied, and the modern high energy compressive crusher holding interparticle breakage chamber, high rotational speed and rational stroke was researched and designed by foreign crusher manufacturers. Those modern crushers has realized many advanced functions including long distance automotive monitor,clearing chamber and protect of over loading, and so on. Therefore, the working performance and product quality of compressive crusher weregreatly improved, which increased the economy benefits of crusher manufacturer and the related users.

Compressive crusher is the main equipment of rock material crushing and it is widely used in metallurgy and mining industry, building industry, road construction, chemical engineering and silicate industry. However, domestic compressive crusher is designing conservatively,manipulating inconveniently and heavy, low efficiency, power wasting and poor product quality.

Yet, domestic compressive crushers have not been developed since they were imitated successfully, and those technology levels basically rested on the first and second generation of foreign advanced product. Thereby, in order to improve the working performance of domestic compressive crusher and manufacturing technology level of domestic manufacturing industry, this paper was based on interparticle breakage and the modern optimization technology was adopted, the working mechanism and working performance of compressive crusher were deeply studied, and multi-objective planning of productivity, size reduction and chamber was built up, which provide the basis for developing compressive crusher of new style, high effiaency, energy saving, environment protection and independent knowledge property right.

Error Analysis in Operating Grinding Mill

Grinding mill also named grinder machine or grinding machine is applied widely in stone grinding plant, rock grinding production line, coal grinding mill plant, used in stone crushing plant as secondary grinding equipment, used widely in coal mining industry.

More attentions are paid to machinery fault diagnosis because of modem industry's great scale systematized and automation. The breakdown of the main facilities will not only cause damages to machines, but also affect the normal production process, if no detection and elimination in time. Moreover, the breakdown will possibly wreck machines and kill people.

In continuous producing system, if the main facilities can not work well because of some problems, they will effect the working system of the whole factory and cause unimaginable economic losses.The importance and evolution of fault diagnosis is introduced in the paper, and the following subjects are further expatiated, which include:

1. all kinds of methods to operate and monitor diagnosis with the fault to the ball mill,On the basis of industrial practical application, the key subjects are as follows: fault of bearing and transmission of gear wheel, ball mill 'bloated belly', In addition, the systematic design philosophy combined with monitoring, diagnosis and production process was put forward in this work, the system for the real-time operating mode and state recognition, online analysis and fault diagnosis was formed, and the systematic technological design frame was confirmed.

2. the characteristics of fault and fault diagnosis;

3.the main fault, characteristic and method of fault diagnosis of the ball grinding mill;



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Working Mechanism and Performance of Compressive Crusher

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Working Mechanism and Performance of Compressive Crusher

This article was published on 2012/02/23